I found out that I managed the kitchen car for the first time five years ago.

That is, "I am very happy and I am really glad to do it,


"It was that I was not even looking for the necessary knowledge and information until I started business."


With the location and schedule that you chose,

Working only with people I like,

I was delighted to offer my favorite food.


For those who first met,

Helping the atmosphere of the kitchen car,

Even if it was short, I could have had lots of fun time.


It was a kitchen car that gave me the lifestyle I expected,

At the beginning of the opening business, it was all that I really did not understand.


What should be chosen for the vehicle?

What should I do for remodeling?

Who should I ask?

How much does it cost?

Is there no mistake or waste there?


What is licensing and licensing qualifications?

Is my recipe okay?
How do you procure?

How should I attract customers?

Can you ask for the place you want to open a store?


Where and what should I look for?

What should I start with?

Is there anyone who is already telling me who is already doing it?


There were also interesting and fun studies such as recipes and signs,


It was necessary to confirm a lot of truly detailed things such as electric wiring, capacity, weight of equipment and so on.


In the past few years,

If you manage the kitchen car properly,

With business that yields stable profit above investment cost,


Moreover, I am convinced that it is an industry where the number is not enough in the market,


Sometimes the industry is not mature yet,

Current situation with few cases or information,

I think that even those who want to start mobile sales will still have a high threshold.


In fact, if we tell the people who wish to open up the know-how and information we cultivated,

I'd like to thank you for giving me a very thick reward or impression from most people.

Contributing to the kitchen car industry each time,

I felt how wonderful it would be if I could make it even more exciting.


And I was able to start a business with important friends inside and outside the company.

Food Truck Company Co.,

It is a company that will be useful for everyone who can start a kitchen car from now on, and will make industry together.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.



Food Truck Company Co., Ltd.
Ikuo Asaba


Service Overview of FoodTrak Company

Operate kitchen car media in Japan (the first kitchen car)
Start-up support for the kitchen car business
Production and sales of kitchen cars
Purchase and sale of used kitchen cars
⑤ Matching event organizer and kitchen car

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    Message from the Food Track Company
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