5 years ago, when I first operated a food truck, I came to realize a few things.
One was that “I really enjoyed operating a food truck”, and another one was that
“It was hard to find the knowledge and information I needed to start the business”.


I had a great experience of working with those I love,
when I wanted to, wherever I liked.
And, serving my favorite food to make people happy.


With the characteristics of food trucks, each encounter became special, creating countless memories.


Food trucks gave me the lifestyle I dreamed of but at the same time, there was a lot of struggle in starting the business.


Which vehicle should I choose?
How do I customize it?
Who should I hire?
How much does it cost?
Is the price reasonable and how do I find out?


What are the permits and license required?
Is my recipe good enough?
How do I stock?
What should I do to attract customers?
How do I secure the best locations?


What and where should I look up?
What should I start with?
Are there experienced operators who can guide me?


While some things like creating recipes and designing signboards were fun, checking electric wiring and capacity, and clearing weight restrictions required much more precision.


In these few years, I learned that food truck business, if they were executed properly, can be consistently profitable and worth the investment.


As much as we need more food trucks in the market, the industry is still immature. Some may be interested in operating food trucks but aren’t able to decide due to the lack of information and past cases they can study.


We were greatly appreciated by many fresh starters when we shared the information and know-how we had.
As we do so, we constantly felt the need and importance of supporting and contributing to the food truck industry.


I was able to start this business with my precious friends and colleagues.
We, Food Truck Company, are excited to support everyone who plan on starting a food truck business, and together liven up the industry.
Please feel free to contact us.



Food Truck Company Co. Ltd.
Ikuo Asaba